factory or department store It is a place that requires a lot of light. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to choosing a lamp that will be used in particular. taking into account the use
and safety is the main If you can choose a lamp match the functionality It will help you save quite a bit of money.
Today, LeKise would like to introduce a lamp that is very bright, strong, durable, suitable for factories. or department store and help you save up to 70% of your expenses.
Including "High Bay LED High Bay - JUPITER" or what we call it. “Factory lamps” are suitable for installation at high places. that needs a lot of light
such as industrial plants warehouse indoor stadium department stores, etc.
High Bay LED High Bay - JUPITER is large, the lamp structure is strong, durable, suitable for long-term use.
Comes with a high quality aluminum construction for excellent heat dissipation and choose to use LED beads that do not contain harmful substances help you save more money
 make you confident in terms of safety in use
The highlight of the LED High Bay - JUPITER that is different from other brands is
Easy to install, ready to use immediately Supports all uses, both internally and externally.
Strong, durable construction with a special type of glass provides high light transmission.
Aluminum bolts For hanging with high strength corrosion resistant
Comes with 2kV surge protection and power cable comes with ground wire.
stable performance Long service life of 25,000 hours without maintenance
It has a dust and water protection standard up to IP65.

High Bay LED High Bay - JUPITER is very popular. Because it is a product manufactured from a standardized factory like LeKise.
You can be confident that All products are of high quality and Passed the TIS standard