LeKise is trusted by the Treasury Department and the Army. Regarding the lighting system in the project “Benjakitti Park”, a forest park in the heart of Bangkok
The “model” of the eco-park Skywalk area, outdoor amphitheater area, walkway area around Benjakitti Park and the resting area

Together with
  • Hi-mas light pole: Galvanized steel lamp post, 25 meters high, installed with lamps, the lamp body is LED Floodlight 1000 W, daylight
  • Post top pole : 4 meter straight pole, 30W and 50W increase brightness and safety for garden users.
  • LED Inground : 2.5W in-ground lamp installed in the garden path. to increase the dimension of light, increase brightness along the corridor
  • LED Strip light: 12W LED strip light, Warm white light, waterproof, dustproof, IP65 level

LeKise pays attention to every step of production and installation. to after-sales service, LeKise has always been trusted by the public and private sectors.