Aluminum grille lamp It is commonly used in offices, shopping malls, or government agencies such as hospitals, educational institutions, municipalities, etc.
Because aluminum grille lamps are suitable for local installations. that need a lot of light

by aluminum grille lamp There are generally two types that are commonly used:

1. Recessed grille lamp The ceiling must be drilled to fit the size of the lampshade to install. The advantage is that the lampshade will be smooth with the ceiling. make it look comfortable

2. Floating grille lamp is to drill holes in the ceiling at some points In order to fix the lamp and ceiling together, the advantage is that there is no need to drill the ceiling into a large hole. If in the future want to switch to other types of lamps

Each grille has different advantages. Both types can be used as appropriate for use.

Highlights of Lekise grille lamps are as follows:

1. Compatible with both LED and fluorescent lamps. with standard terminals of type G13

2. Strong and durable construction with high quality steel material.

3. Anti-rust with polyester powder coating and heat treated.

4. Steel body is 100% degreasing and phosphate coated to prevent corrosion.

5. High efficiency pure aluminum reflector at 87% and 95%.

6. Quality reflective grille plate provides unobtrusive properties.

7. Easy to install, use and maintain safe with ground

    Aluminum grille lamp LeKise (Lekise) pays attention to every production process, thus LeKise (Lekise) has been trusted by both public and private customers across the country.