Many people are probably familiar with the steamed buns very well, right? which the most commonly used lantern buns
It is a lamp that is used with a 32-watt circular fluorescent lamp, but when used for a long time, the brightness may be reduced. When turned on, it will flash before turning on.

These problems will go away. If you switch to LED Ceiling light, beautiful design lamps from LeKise answer every problem you encounter.

Provides more light, instantly turn on, no flickering, can be used to replace traditional fluorescent lamps without using ballast and starter
unique design cover With durable acrylic plastic material comes beautiful print Can be used for a long time without color fading


There are 6 types to choose from.

1. LED Ceiling light Donut Galaxy Galaxy pattern with various stars inviting you to have good dreams

2. LED Ceiling light Donut Leaves Green leaf pattern reminiscent of nature

3. LED Ceiling light Donut Music gives fun to all your activities.

4. LED Ceiling light Donut Sakura pleasing the sweet girl with pink cherry blossoms pattern Perfectly designed and arranged

5. LED Ceiling light Donut Triangle, simple pattern, suitable for those who do not like too many patterns.

6. LED Ceiling light Crystal Slim, beautiful design, change your room to look more luxurious.

Available Wattage : 26W

products through the standard TIS 1955-2551

Meet every application in each room Switch to something better for your home with the LED Ceiling light from LeKise.