Ownlight or recessed lamp It is a lamp that is used to illuminate the light to spread the light below the luminaire, compact size, elegant design. Some are smooth with blemishes.
Functionality is perfect and perfect. Help increase the light in use more. It has been popularly used in the interior of various rooms.
In addition, the light of the downlight It also helps create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. It saves more energy than conventional light bulbs.

When hearing the word downlight or recessed lamp Many people probably think that it has to be difficult to install or that it is complicated enough, right?
But actually installing recessed lamps is not as difficult as you think.

Today, LeKise would like to demonstrate how to install Ultra Slim downlight Gen3 in just 4 easy steps.

*For rooms that have already installed recessed lamps and have wiring before

Step 1. Choose the size of the lamp to fit the ceiling.

Step 2. Connect the IC Driver to both main wires.

Step 3. Connect the Connector cable next to the IC Driver to the Connector next to the lamp.

Step 4. Use your fingers to lift the spring lock legs up on both sides. to be able to enter the ceiling and push the product into the ceiling

That's it, the Ultraslim downlight Gen3 can be installed successfully in just 4 easy steps for beginners.

Comes with unique features LED Slim Downlight Ultraslim Gen3

elegant design It has a thickness of only 1 cm, making it install and blend in seamlessly with the ceiling. Easy and hassle-free installation

High-efficiency L.E.D Driver IC with stable voltage system

The diffuser plate is made of special PMMA material for excellent light transmission and smoothness.

Use the high quality SMD2835 LED beads, no mercury, toxic and harmful substances.

120° wide-angle light distribution for uniform light including the correct color values

The lamp body uses high quality aluminum material. Helps in excellent heat dissipation

Long service life, average 25,000 hours

The tube turns on immediately. Provides constant, flicker-free light, free from UV and IR radiation.

If you are looking for a quality ceiling light that is easy to install and provides constant brightness, then the LED Slim Downlight Ultraslim Gen3 is a good choice for you.