8 blessings, good meanings,

summoning wealth, receiving red packets

          Xin Jia Yuyi, Xinni Hua used: Happy New Year. Happy New Year rich good health, long life. We often hear these greetings on Chinese New Year. (Chinese New Year) is a long holiday for those who work far from home to have the opportunity to return to celebrate the New Year with their families.

          Which will have to clean the house Replace worn out items. This makes shopping during the Chinese New Year very bustling. and the symbol of the Chinese New Year is Handing out a red red envelope from the elder (Red means good luck) to be given to children. younger In the red envelopes, there are often numbers that are Chinese lucky numbers.

          The number 8 with wishes for the new year, this Chinese New Year 2022, LeKise would like to share the blessing happy new year with translations for everyone.

          How are you? with the Chinese New Year greetings that we bring together today If used, guarantee that it will definitely like the people who have been listening. Practice speaking often to increase vocabulary for ourselves as well.