Merry Christmas or Merry Christmas as a greeting. Receive peace and tranquility as the Christmas season arrives. We will notice that the pine trees are decorated with beautiful lights. With gift boxes, golden bells, socks and stars, it's a season of fun and joy, and Christmas is also a season for gift-sharing. And spend time with your family or loved ones helping each other decorate the Christmas tree inside the house. And the indispensable thing in decorating the Christmas tree is the light, so choosing a light bulb to decorate the Christmas tree. In addition to having to choose a light bulb that is bright and beautiful to welcome the festival. The quality and durability of the lamp must also be taken into account. because if we bring in quality light bulbs to install It may cause harm.
LeKise introduces MINIGLOBE LED COLORFUL BULB lamp, also known as ping pong lamp. because it has the appearance of a small round tube the same size with that ping-pong ball Can be used to decorate every place on important days or occasions as needed. It is an energy-saving LED lamp. Choose high quality SMD2835 LED beads. The lamp is not easily broken and does not contain mercury. Toxic and dangerous substances It comes with the following specific features:

- The injection molded polycarbonate cover provides an unobtrusive high light transmittance.
- Standard lamp holder E27 with technology that helps to dissipate heat well.
- Provides 120 degree wide-angle light with bright and consistent light.
- Long lifespan, average 15,000 hours, non-fading colors.
- The tube turns on immediately. Provides constant light without flickering
- Free from UV and infrared rays.

There are 7 colors to choose from: red, green, blue, yellow, warm white, daylight, orange.
“Happy Holidays” with MINIGLOBE LED COLORFUL BULB lamp from Lekise.