for road trips The most important thing that can be controlled is Vehicle performance and driver readiness but external factors such as

weather conditions that may obscure the visibility of the car Including the light itself is a part of using the car to use the road at night. If the street light is not enough
May cause reduced visibility while driving our which may be the cause of road accidents itself Installation of street lamps that meet the standards and provide adequate lighting.

It can help reduce accidents. and increase security for users Whether it's on the road, park, hospital or parking lot, you can choose to use the light to suit that area.

          Today, LeKise (Lekise) will take you to know the street lamps that are commonly used in the Department of Highways and the Department of Rural Roads, most of which are street lamps, high pressure sodium lamps.

Lamp type HSE, HST or LED with SUP FITTER The lamp body is made of DIE-CAST ALUMINUM, resistant to environmental corrosion.

There is a reflector made of high quality aluminum. high temperature resistant glass cover The street lamps are commonly used according to the type and type of road in each area. vary according to suitability

by the main components Affecting the selection of street lamps, there are 5 items: 1. Power and luminous flux 2. Light color and color vision (Tc, Ra) 3. Light distribution of street lamps
4. Quality, strength, durability of the lamp 5. Reasonable price

           Street lamps that meet every key element In choosing to install street lamps, including Street Light Luminaire, street lighting lamps. High pressure sodium lamp from LeKise.
is a standard product and has been accepted by the government and the private sector for a long time
- The lamp has been standardized. TIS 1955-2551

- Can be attached to standard 2 inch light pole branches

- E40 lampholder, waterproof and dustproof rating IP54.

- The cover is made of glass. It is designed to spread the light well.

- The reflector is made of quality aluminum. can be used for a long time

- Lock clip made of stainless steel with 2 layers of lamp post lock set

- The lamp body is made of high quality die-cast aluminum, good corrosion resistance.

- Compatible with 250W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps

- The lamp is tested for electrical characteristics and voltage resistance. according to the requirements of the Department of Highways and Metropolitan Electricity Authority

- can turn on/off The part of the lamp and the lamp assembly can be found in the front. Without the need for special equipment, it is convenient to install and repair.

          Choose a standard street lamp, choose a Street Light Luminaire from LeKise, consult a lighting expert from LeKise.
to calculate and plan the selection of street lamps to suit each area in order to be worthwhile, safe and suitable for use