The new Lekise electric meter is easier to read and understand than before.

          Many of you may have encountered problems related to electricity meter readings. even though the numbers on the electricity meter are few But it can create quite a bit of confusion. And every time I read it there is always a question about the numbers on the electric meter. In addition, the electric meter of each brand or model is designed differently. May cause us confusion in reading the electricity meter.

          LeKise sees the importance of this problem. Therefore, digits have been added to the bottom bar and a red border has been added to the decimal point.

at the face of the new electric meter Let us read the electricity meter numbers easier than before, both size 5(15) A and size 15(45) A.


The principle of reading the LeKise electric meter is as follows:

  • The readings of the Lekise's 5(15) A power meter and the Lekise 15(45) A meter have the same unit readings.
  • by reading from the units digit to the thousands digit Note that the measurement unit has 4 digits in total.
  • Starts with units, tens, hundreds, and thousands (black border), followed by decimal point (red border).
  • To read the power unit, read only the numbers in the black border. For example, 0057.6 kwh counts as fifty-seven.

Do you see? LeKise's electric meter reading is not as difficult as you think. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone.

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