The fire incident was something no one wanted to happen. although there is a small chance that this will happen
but if it happens It can damage the impact in a wide angle. whether life or property
Increase safety with Lekise emergency light LED EMERGENCY LIGHT M-SERIES,
an essential device that will help reduce the chance of loss in fire or emergency situations.
because when the fire Electricity in buildings, offices will not work. worsening the visibility of the building until
we can't see the way out clearly Having an emergency backup light LED EMERGENCY LIGHT installed is a help to increase safety in unexpected fire incidents.
Increase the survival rate in the event of a fire.

- The lamp can be rotated 180 degrees, up and down 90 degrees.
- Choose high quality LED Chip, save 4 times more energy than halogen bulbs.
- Provides up to 120 lumens of brightness, plus a constant amount of light Even the battery voltage is lower than the rating
- Auto battery test function for 10 seconds every week and test for 60 minutes every 4 weeks.
- Surge protection with MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
- The box is made of aluminum with powder coating. Good heat dissipation, no rust, prolong service life.
- Available in 2 sizes, 2x6w and 2x9w
- Suitable for use inside buildings, offices, residences, malls, shops or other buildings.

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