“Clean energy” is no longer a distant term. Because nowadays many people turn to pay attention. more about solar energy
because in addition to helping us save on electricity bills It's also pure energy use. that is not toxic to the environment as well
It can be seen that households or even office buildings More and more start to install solar lamps.
plus the current development of solar panels To be easier to use and have a lower price. Plus there are many brands to choose from.
by good solar cell lamp Must have high quality solar panels There is a battery storage system. and choose to use LED beads that are bright enough for use
LED Solar Flood Light Solar lamp from LeKise (Lekise) with a brightness sensor that automatically turns off during the day.
and will charge and store solar energy and automatically change to light at night and can be used up to 12 hours
After at least 5-6 hours of full charge per day, multiple lighting modes can be controlled and operated simply by remote.
Comes with installation accessories included in the box. You can install it yourself.
Main Features of LED Solar Flood Light
- Fast charging with high efficiency solar panel. with large wires, good heat resistance
- The battery is made of high-efficiency lithium-ion phosphate. replaceable
- Excellent heat dissipation with high quality aluminum construction Easy installation with strong mounting brackets. can rotate 270 degrees
- The lamp can be disassembled And it has a silicone rubber fixing for IP65 waterproof protection.
- High performance LUMILEDS LED beads no harmful substances
- High light transmittance Provides even and even light
Precautions for use
- Do not modify and use non-standard equipment or devices other than those specified in the product manual.
- Be careful not to damage or break the solar panel.
- Do not install or place near fire as it may cause explosion from the battery.
LeKise, a company that has been established for over 53 years, has been trusted by customers.