Loy Krathong Day falls on the 15th day of the waxing moon of the 12th lunar month according to the Thai lunar calendar.
to ask for forgiveness from Phra Mae Ganga who have trespassed and did things that were inappropriate
And there is another thing that is colorful on Loy Krathong day is the arrangement of the place. and organizing a light, color, and sound show

But due to the Covid-19 situation who entered in the last 2 years, the management of the show has ceased
But there are still lights in the place. used for Loy Krathong
The indispensable decoration lighting is T8 LED COLORFUL TUBE WITH PLUG (color lamp).

or as we call it The measuring lamp itself is that no matter what job it is. I will always see this light bulb decorated.


- The tube can be flexible. not easily broken

- Easy to install and replace lamps. by unplugging or plugging in

- Turn it on, turn it on, keep the light steady

- Use SMD2835 LED beads, high quality, no mercury, toxic and harmful substances.

- The lamp holder meets the waterproof and dustproof standard of IP65.

- Help you save more energy

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