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  • LED lamp MAGNET TOP 30 watts (DAYLIGHT) lightweight, easy to install in 3 minutes without using a ballast and starter. Suitable for replacing traditional T9 fluorescent lamps.
  • LED lamp model T70 CAPELLA 20 watts (DAYLIGHT) E27 that gives more than brightness. with a unique modern shape Help you save more electricity. Made of good quality material Can spread light up to 270 degrees, can be used to replace energy-saving lamps CFL or mercury vapor lamps.
  • LED Downlight LUTRASLIM3 Round 9 Watts (DAYLIGHT) White 4 inches Recessed Downlight to make your blemish smooth and beautiful Gives a feeling of not bothering the eyes Comes with full brightness There is a spring leg for fixing the lamp that is strong and durable.
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