Currently, we are entering the 5G era, an era where many technologies have been developed to meet the needs of everyday life. And to make it more convenient, LeKise introduces smart bulbs. to help you live comfortably Ready to help you save more than 50% energy like LED LED Ceiling light รุ่น Magnet Ring 3 colors steps items that help your lifestyle. to make your life easier Easy to install in 3 minutes
Just press the on-off switch, you can change up to 3 colors in one lamp.
1. Daylight White Light 6800K : Provides natural white light. helps to see clearly It also feels bright. and wake up as well
2. Warm white, yellow light 3000K : gives a feeling of warmth and feel relaxed
3. Cool white, natural light 4000K: a comfortable light, warm white, soft light.
Provides a brightness that is halfway between warm white and daylight.

LED LED Ceiling light รุ่น Magnet Ring 3 colors steps allows you to modify the color of the room. according to the desired mood according to the style you like

There are 4 easy steps to install.
1. Always turn off the power switch. before replacing the bulb
2. Remove the old bulb and starter ballast.
3. Place the Magnet LED on the top of the lamp. and connect the power cable to the connector
4. When the lamp cover is finished Let's try to turn on the light.
Installation instructions
installed inside the building Do not install in high humidity areas. for maximum service life Avoid installing in blackout luminaires.
or where there is no ventilation Cannot be used with dimmers.