In this rainy season, what follows after the rain is the water that is trapped in various containers causing mosquito larvae or other insects that may disturb the house. resulting in harm to your family members Currently, there are many methods of getting rid of insects or mosquitoes. Whether spraying insects, mosquitoes with chemicals. or using mosquito repellent to make smoke

Lekise recommends another way to help repel mosquitoes and insects safely is the LED Ceiling light Magnet Buglite, an insect repellent lamp. Help keep people at home safe. without the use of chemicals no odor Don't worry about it being harmful to your health. Available to adjust the light to 2 lights: 1. White light (Daylight) 2. Yellow light (Yellow)

For the yellow light used to repel mosquitoes. Able to repel mosquitoes within a radius of about 2-6 meters.

Easy to use, not difficult to mosquitoes, just press on-off the switch, you can change the color of the lamp at your fingertips.

The lamp uses LED beads, an alternative to save energy. Makes you worry about the electricity bill that will follow.

from turning on the mosquito repellent lamp all night

There are 4 easy steps to install.

1. Always turn off the power switch. before replacing the bulb

2. Remove the old bulb and starter ballast.

3. Place the LED Magnet on the top of the lamp. and connect the power cable to the connector

4. When the lamp cover is finished Let's try to turn on the light.

Passed the TIS 1955-2551 standard

Recommended installation area : for mosquito or insect repellent lamps suitable for the location who want to repel mosquitoes Prevent mosquitoes from flying into the area such as the balcony of the house, the animal raising zone, etc.

Caution : Do not modify or use with non-standard equipment. It should be installed out of the reach of children. and areas with high heat or wet
​Recommended to use a tube or lampholders specified on the box only