During this time, many people have to work from home (Work from Home) to help avoid And reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus when we have to spend our daily life at home all day.
Of course, at the end of the month, the electricity bill in the house must increase almost 1-2 times more than before. whether using electricity from work equipment such as computers, notebooks
Including the use of air conditioners, fans or light bulbs to help work. As a result, many homes were stunned when they saw the electricity bill.
Although working from home will require more electricity than before. But we have a way That will help you save as well.
Today, Lekise recommends how to work from home so that the electricity bill doesn't spike.
This great technique can help you save on your electricity bills. without being stunned by the electricity bill each month anymore
1. Replace ordinary light bulbs. Use it as an LED bulb instead.
Switching to LED bulbs instead of traditional bulbs
It's another way to save your electricity bill because LED bulbs consume less power.
compared to fluorescent lamps of the same brightness
Longer service life Plus it's safe, no UV and infrared rays.

2. Always unplug electrical appliances when not in use.
Staying at home comes with the use of multiple appliances at the same time. whether
Turn on the TV to relieve loneliness, turn on the fan, turn on the air purifier or air conditioner at the same time.
This can cause electricity bills to skyrocket. A simple solution is to avoid using electrical appliances at the same time.
but switched to switching applications and setting the time to use After using electrical appliances Always unplug it.
It will help to save more electricity.

3. Open the window for the wind and natural light.
Switch from turning on the air conditioner throughout the day. Try switching to a window in your office for natural breeze and light. instead of turning on the air conditioner and turning on the lights By opening the window to have the entrance and exit of the wind. should not bring things to cover the window or the direction of the wind
and add light to the room without having to turn on the air conditioner or additional lights

4. Reduce frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator.
Another reason that makes electricity bills more expensive without knowing is to open-close the refrigerator often because in addition to making the refrigerator Working hard, turning it on and off too often will cause the rubber edge of the refrigerator to deteriorate. As a result, the refrigerator does not close completely. and make electricity bills more expensive

5. Set the computer sleep mode when not in use.
During working hours, there may be time for breaks to stretch. and do not use the computer for more than 10-15 minutes, or during lunch breaks or other activities that are not in front of the computer screen the fire itself

As all Lekise has said, it's just an easy option to reduce your electricity bill. that you can adjust to reduce the use of electricity in the home without having to worry about the electricity bill that will come each month anymore If anyone has an idea to reduce the electricity bill they do each month. You can come and share.