LeKise LED DuoFIT 2 in1 Perfect Indoor lighting Solution for Project as well as Consumer household.

Are You worried about LED Downlight Options?

Does Current LED Downlight’s range not meet with your expectation with or without surface options.

Let’s figure out together how to save cost with and without surface Downlight option and allow us to solve this problem.

LeKise unique Downlight model with DUAL option LED DuoFIT Downlight which you can use with both 2in1 Option in One Single Product;

- Recessed Mounted

- Surface Mounted

LeKise DuoFit can resolve these problems and can help you to make easier decision whether it can be use at Recessed or Surface mounting.

Product Features:

- Flexible Spring Clip make easy Installation process

- Non-Flammable Material Construction

- Instant On, No Flicker, No Ultraviolet & Infrared radiation

- 2-in-1 design able to install Recessed Downlight or Surface Mounted

- Downlight

- Unique and aesthetically designed lamp body texture and material with

- Built-in LED Driver

- PC diffuser reduces glare level and keep eyes comfort ambient

- High Quality Thermal Magnets

- Lifetime support of more than 30,000* hours and CRI>80

Available Shape;

- Square

- Round

Available Watts:

- 12W

- 18W

Available Color Temperature:

- Warm White 3000K

- Cool White 4000K

- Daylight 6500K

- 220-240V 50/60Hz

- Outstanding Lumen Efficiency (85>/Watt) makes more your unique this product


- Home

- School

- Restaurant

- Departmental Stores

- Many other indoor premises.

- Standard & Certifications : CE, RoHS, TIS. 1955-2551