Can be installed anywhere in the building Provide good lighting in every room With Lekiise LED T9 Magnet Lady lamp

LeKsie introduces the innovative Magnet Lady T9 Circular LED. To replace the curved fluorescent T9 lamps, whether women or men can easily do it yourself without having to use a technician.

The Magnet Lady T9 Circular LED comes with many benefits in one bulb.

  • There is a magnet on the tube. to facilitate installation
  • Easy to install and safe by yourself even without a technical background just remove the ballast and starter and then replace the original bulb
  • Turn on, turn on, light doesn't flash
  • Free from UV and infrared rays.
  • Available in 3 sizes, 15 watts / 20 watts and 32 watts.
  • Long service life, more than 30,000 hours
  • Made of premium PC material. Non-yellowing and non-flammable properties
  • Use SMD2835 LED beads, high quality, no mercury, toxic and harmful substances.
  • fast wire connection with dice connector without the need for any additional tools Compatible with existing lamps

For anyone looking for a light bulb that is easy to install. Plus, the usefulness is tight like this. It has to be LED T9 Circular, Magnet Lady model. Install it 1 time.


You can use them for a long time.