Ceiling lamps are another type of lamp that is commonly used to illuminate the home.

Of course, the ceiling lights available today are available in a variety of designs.

which can choose a ceiling lamp with a design that is suitable for use

To add light and complement the beauty of the house perfectly.


Today, LeKise would like to introduce a ceiling lamp. Another option for you to consider.

Like MOONLIGHT LED CEILING LIGHT, easy to install and unlock. no need to drill holes

Just stick to float and you can use it. Comes with a special design small size, light weight High lumen and 120 degree omnidirectional light distribution angle.


Innovative LED floating lamps with accessories, easy to install no need to drill holes

High-efficiency L.E.D Driver IC with stable voltage system

Use the high quality SMD2835 LED beads, no mercury, toxic and harmful substances.

Excellent heat dissipation with an average lifespan of 20,000 hours

The tube turns on immediately. Provides constant light without flickering, free from UV and infrared radiation.

certified standard TIS 1955-2551



Suitable for confined and narrow spaces that need more brightness, such as the front porch, storage room, under the stairs to the bathroom

If you are looking for a quality ceiling light at an affordable price, MOONLIGHT LED CEILING LIGHT is a good choice. Another option.


Can be purchased at HomePro , Dohome, Dealer, SCG branches near you.