​Choosing a light bulb for your home use In addition to choosing the type of lamp The choice of lamp color is equally important. because of the light from the lamp Can affect the mood and make the rooms in the house more complete. by the color tones that are commonly used with light bulbs It is divided into 3 main colors, which are Warm white, Daylight and Cool White, each color of the lamp. give feelings and emotions including the atmosphere for the residents can differ in each color tone.


Today, LeKise will take you to get to know each color of light bulbs. that is suitable for use in any type of room in the house


Warm White 3000K light is an orange tone. Gives a soft and warm feeling with a soft light that is comfortable on the eyes. gives a feeling of relaxation

Suitable for bedroom, living room or room zone that wants to relax. It should not be attached to the desk area. or reading room because it may cause insufficient light As a result, the eyes become tired from staring at the book for a long time.


Daylight 6500K gives off white and blue light. like natural light Makes you see things clearly, feel comfortable, clear, bright, and help you stay awake all the time. Suitable for installation in the office Reading corners or areas that need light for clarity of vision


Cool White 4000K light is a soft white light. Will make the colors of things look fresher than before

Suitable for dressing rooms Dining table in the kitchen, bathroom


Therefore, choosing the light of the lamp to match the use in the home It is important to be able to help create the perfect atmosphere anywhere throughout the home while the lights are on.

You can choose to use the LeKise LED lamp A60 Magic Mix with up to 3 light tones in one lamp, easy to adjust to any light. Just turn on-off the switch


Outstanding Features for the LeKise LED A60 Magic Mix

• Up to 3 different light tones can be adjusted in one lamp. Just turn on-off the switch within 3 seconds.

• Standard E27 lamp holder works like a normal bulb. without the need for additional accessories

• Use SMD2835 LED beads, high quality, no harmful substances.

• The injection molded polycarbonate cover provides a high light transmittance and is smooth on the eyes.

• The tube body is molded by aluminum covered with plastic for good heat dissipation and safety.

• 220° wide-angle light distribution for uniform light. including the correct color values

• Long service life on average 20,000 hours.

• The tube turns on immediately. Provides constant light without flickering, free from UV and infrared radiation.

*Not compatible with dimmer switches.


However, if you choose a light bulb with the right color light. to be placed at the right angle You probably won't have to spend money on expensive furniture, as light bulbs can help make your room look nicer and more stylish.