Choose a light... to suit every room in your house.

          Does everyone know that? Will the house be livable and suitable for resting or not? It does not depend on the decoration of the house alone. But it also depends on the arrangement of lighting to suit different rooms in the house as well. because light can create atmosphere good mood and feelings to the residents
Choosing the right lighting for your home is not as difficult as you think. Today, LeKise will bring everyone to know. Choosing a light to suit every room in the house to leave each other.

  • living room and bedroom

The atmosphere in the bedroom should feel calm, warm and relaxed because it is a room where you can rest fully. Therefore, lighting in the bedroom should use a light that is not very bright. It was a soft yellow light. But there should be enough light to use.
LeKise recommends using Warm White bulbs. Bulbs with a color temperature of 2,000 - 3,000 Kelvin are warm, romantic tones that make you feel relaxed and relaxed.

  • bathroom and kitchen

For the bathroom and kitchen Should use bright light from normal light. to extraordinarily bright Because it is a room that has to have movement all the time, the lamp used should be Cool White, a lamp with a color temperature of 4,000 - 5,000 Kelvin, a color tone that feels comfortable and lively in itself.

  • Work room and reading room

The office room must be light that is not too bright. But it must be a clear light. Therefore, choose to use natural light. or white light bulb to make the light in the working room sufficient for use The lamp used should therefore be a Daylight bulb with a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin, giving off white light like natural light. helps to see clearly including feeling bright feeling awake all the time
          Lighting is another essential part of a home. should be chosen according to the purpose for proper use and longer than ever Choose quality lamps from LeKise Lighting.

Choose quality light bulbs You must choose to use Lekise only.
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