Today, LeKise introduces a must-have accessory trick for the modern home decorator. who want to change the bulbs themselves whether you are a woman or a man It can be easily followed by yourself.

The equipment that we will need to prepare is as follows.

Stairs - should be 3/4 of the height from the floor - ceiling.

  • because if we use it as a chair or a crate There may be damage or accidents happen to yourself.

  • Electrical screwdriver - a device to help check the light for sure. That the point where you are replacing the lamp is still running or not.

  • Closed-toe shoes - can help increase safety. If a light leak occurs during installation The suitable thickness of the sole is 2-3 cm (must be rubber sole).​

  • Lamps – It is important to complete your lamp replacement before deciding to replace it. Make sure that the lamp terminals and the wiring to the lamp body are compatible with the old lamp or not. Failure to match may cause a short circuit.

However, the above methods are just a basic guide to replacing bulbs. If there is a malfunction that cannot be replaced by the lamp itself For the safety of LeKise installation, it is recommended to choose a qualified technician to replace it. It is safer.

​Most importantly, remember to turn off the switch/breaker before attempting to replace the light bulb. for safe installation