The light of Dharma shines in the heart, the light of the path, making merit with LEKISE lamps, essential items used by monks besides personal use
Light bulbs or other lighting devices are also necessary. because in addition to receiving merit Temples can also benefit from the items we donate.
Today, LeKise has a lighting device to recommend for everyone who is going to make merit on Buddhist holy day. or on important occasions
  • KLASSIC LED A60 SHAPE BULB choose high quality LED beads, no harmful substances. Provides a high light transmittance and smooth eyes, the lamp turns on immediately. Provides constant light, does not flicker, is free from UV and infrared radiation. Suitable for: large halls or chapels, etc.​
  • EASYFLOOD GEN 2 LED FLOOD LIGHT has complete protection against solid, dust and water rated IP65 against external shock rated IK08 rated for safety with 2KV surge protection and grounded power cable. Easy to install and use with strong mounting brackets Can be adjusted 180° Suitable for : walkways, entrances to temples, or courtyards, etc.

  • LED TUBE T8 DOUBLE END, energy saving Turn on immediately, no flashing with consistent brightness, using high-efficiency LED drivers With lampholders, non-flammable properties, suitable for: Tribune, multipurpose hall, cubicle, crematorium, almshouse, viharn, pavilion, waterfront pavilion or bathroom For example, if you have a chance to make merit or offer offerings, let the light bulb from LeKise be another option for you.