Currently, the design of the room or residence. Architects and Decorators The designer will focus on the matter. home lighting To help create a comfortable and warm atmosphere suitable for relaxation. If the light is not enough May have a negative effect on eyesight because it makes the eye muscles work too hard When the light is insufficient, there is a chance of an accident. Too much light can cause eye discomfort and fatigue to the occupants.

Today, LeKise introduces the LED DuoFit 2 in 1 ceiling light with a sleek design, outstanding with innovation from LeKise that can be installed either floating or embedded into the ceiling. with spring lock legs and complete set of mounting accessories The lamp body has a wide spreading angle. The light shines through very well. soft, not looking at the eyes as well as providing light for specific use


Additional features for LED DuoFit 2 in 1

- High-performance LED IC driver with stable voltage system

- Quality structure Made from flame retardant material.

- The diffuser is made of special PMMA material for excellent and smooth light transmission.

- Provides light evenly in all directions with a wide spread angle of 140 degrees

- Use high quality SMD2835 LED beads, no mercury, toxic and harmful substances.

- The lamp body uses high quality aluminum material. It helps in excellent ventilation.

- Long service life on average 30,000 hours (*depending on environment- and number of hours of use)

- The tube turns on immediately. Provides constant light without flickering, free from UV and infrared radiation.

- The color accuracy is quite high. with a color accuracy index CRI 80 certified by TIS 1955-2551


How to use

Used to install in the ceiling or ceiling for lighting and decorate

Use with a voltage of 220-240 volts and install with a hole size of 11.2 cm.



should read the warning and study how to use it before using and installing

Be careful of electrical hazards if properly assembled and installed.



- Regularly check the cleanliness of the equipment and light bulbs both before and after use

- Be careful when installing and moving. Always cut off the power before maintenance and installation.

- Do not install near the heat - high humidity. and install it out of the reach of children.

- Do not change the bulb or touch while the switch is still on and the body is wet

- Do not modify, modify or use the wrong product. wrong method of use

- Do not use with devices or dimmer switches.


You just use the LED DuoFit 2 in 1 to create a good indoor atmosphere. It's better to live.