How to choose the right highbay lamp for your business?    

           Lighting is one of the key aspects of building your factory or business. Currently, lamps or light bulbs are produced in many different types. To meet each purpose of your business, LeKise recommends techniques for choosing the right LED lighting or highbay for your business. So that you can use it as efficiently as possible 


Parking lot in the shopping mall
          There are many types of places, whether Parking lots in buildings that need lighting stock, storage, and more, so use LED lights (highbays) in large, high-ceilinged areas such as event spaces or exhibition zones. Because it is a large area and requires quite a lot of electricity. It also has to be enabled almost all day long. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on energy efficiency and durability in use.

Industrial Factory / Warehouse

          It is another place that requires more lamps than other types of businesses. As a factory consists of several parts such as manufacturing plants, warehouses and office buildings, etc., each part has different lighting requirements. for the suitability of the work itself. in the part that is suitable for choosing high bay lamps That is, in the warehouse or distribution center. because it has to pay attention to the light that shines from the lamp down to the area in front of the event In order to obtain the brightness according to the working standard and the illumination must be applied to the corridor between the shelves as well. The lamp should be well ventilated. It saves energy because it has to be turned on all day. Therefore, LED highbay lamps are suitable for warehouses. that answer the question of energy saving Safe and lightweight, easy to install.

Tips for choosing a high bay lamp

          High Bay LED High Bay - JUPITER is a factory lamp that is suitable for installation in the area with high ceiling Need a lot of light, such as buildings, factories, warehouses, indoor stadiums or shopping malls. LED Highbay lamps can help you save up to 70% more energy, Yes !! You heard correctly,  LeKise recommends that you turn to LeKise LED High Bay Lamp - JUPITER saves up to 70% of electricity. It has all the features that a highbay lamp must have. It is a lamp that LeKise produces and sells directly with product warranty and has a customer care center closely.

Features of the highbay that must be as follows:

1. The product must be properly designed inside and outside Get the best results in every application.

2. Be confident in high quality, ultra bright LED Chips.

3. Durable with high quality injection-molded aluminum material and ultra-strong tempered glass.

4. Must be easy to install and ready to use immediately.

5. Designed with dust and water protection standards up to IP65.

6. Long life more than 25,000 hours .


          However, in choosing a light or installing a light Should consult a specialist directly. Choose a reliable company and use high quality products. durable service life to meet the needs of your usage as much as possible


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