"HOMEPRO DAY" Cheers !! give!! Shop !! 3 May '21 - 5 May '21

Welcome the fifth month with great value, get special privileges Giving the deal, the deal, the deal, hit Complete with home decoration products, cheer for 3 days shopping only.



1. Get additional discount up to 5%

When shop with HomeCard credit card 10,000 baht or more, plus a maximum 5% discount when shopping with HomePro Visa Platinum credit card

2. shop around with SUPER DEAL products !! Products that have a special price, only 555 baht, a limited amount is sold out !!

3. ready to cheer to the end with another special deal. Only HomeCard cardholders spend 10,000 baht or more get free !! The coupon at the end of the receipt, worth 555 baht, is a discount when shopping for 5,000 baht or more (1 privilege / HomeCard member) with added value with the HomePro First Choice card, 0% installments for the whole store, up to 20 months !!

Pin the fifth month, reduce the number five, bring luck, HomePro Day, cheer for shopping. At the same time at all HomePro branches nationwide And shop online From 3 May '21 - 5 May 2021, this 3 days only.


For more information, please contact www.homepro.co.th, FB: HomePro Thailand and Call Center number 1284

Only HomePro Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai - San Sai, Chiang Mai - Hang Dong, Hat Yai, Hat Yai - Kanjanavanich extends the shopping time for 5 days from 1 May - 5 May 2021.